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Our Vegetable Seasoning Guide

Sometimes all you need is the right herb or spice to turn a plain vegetable into a spectacular side dish. And sometimes the best way to season a vegetable is by cooking it with another vegetable, or with fruit or fruit juice. Check out our vegetable seasoning guide for some different ideas for adding great flavour to cooked vegetables.

Vegetable Seasoning Guide: Avocado

The vegetable seasoning guide starts off with a fan favourite. Enhance the flavour of avocados with the following:

– chili powder

– cumin

– grapefruit

– lemon

– lime

– orange

– oregano

Vegetable Seasoning Guide: Beets

Next on our vegetable seasoning guide is the beet. Enhance flavours with the following:

– balsamic vinegar

– dill

– lemon

– rosemary

– apple

– pecans

Vegetable Seasoning Guide: Broccoli

This can be a tricky one to flavour, given it’s already strong taste. Here’s a few tips on seasoning broccoli:

– grapefruit

– orange

– garlic

– soy sauce

– dark sesame oil

– mustard/mayonnaise

Vegetable Seasoning Guide: Carrots

Here’s our guide to seasoning carrots:

– citrus

– curry powder

– honey

– ginger

– lemon

– dill

– raspberry vinegar

Vegetable Seasoning Guide: Cucumber

Here’s our guide to seasoning cucumbers:

– dill

– sugar and vinegar (sweet and sour)

– sesame seeds

– soy sauce

Vegetable Seasoning Guide: Eggplant

Enhance and season eggplant:


– garlic

– tomato

– Asian black beans

– hot sauce

– sesame oil

– Fennel

– Bay leaf

– tomato

– Parmesan cheese

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